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Private Investigations
Security Camera
Security Cameras & Security Intrusion
Small Business & Residential IT
Yale/nest lock
Lock & Locksmith Services

Private Investigation: We provide several types of investigative services listed below and take the confidentiality of our clients serious. 

Domestic: Spousal dishonesty, Infidelity, Child custody, Domestic abuse, Missing persons.

Background checks: Pre-employment screenings, Proof of identity, Cat-fishing. 

Fraud: Insurance, Workers comp, Computer, Embezzlement.

Theft: Personal property, Employee dishonesty, loss prevention.

Defense: Criminal/civil investigations. 

Security Systems: We sale, install, and service WiFi and DVR/NVR security camera systems that allow you to monitor and watch with your computer, tablet, and mobile devices.

Home, office or business:

Do you know what kind of security is right for you? Call us and let us help you find it. Whether it is CC TV, 24hr monitoring and or personal and private security. Let us help you decide what's right for you and your business or home.

Web site design: Let us help you create a web site for your business. Get a onetime set up and training on how to maintain your site or we can maintain it for you.


Computer and Network setup: Know what to buy and get help setting it up. We install network servers, switches, routers, gateways, access points and wireless point to point. Get help with troubleshooting as well. 


Ethernet routing and installation: Let us help you place your network cables were they need to be.

Smart locks: We provide a more advanced setup of security for home or office by using these. Features of these locks allows you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, receive notifications when lock has been used, set users and user codes and set permissions for them and much much more. 

Access control: These locking systems allows you to use key fob or key card for entry and is controlled using computer and server software. You can set schedules to allow locking and unlocking at different times and also uses some of the same features as the smart locks.

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