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Private Investigations
Security Systems/Cameras
Smoke & CO Alarms
Locksmith Services
Emergency/Exit Lighting 

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Private Investigations 
Security Cameras & Security Intrusion systems
Locksmith Services
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We provide a number of investigative services for both the public and business industry and provide a free 1 hour consultation to determine if a investigation is right for the client. Types of investigations can very from domestic, infidelity, child custody, personal property theft, missing persons, and criminal investigations for the private party. Investigations we provide for business are pre-employment screenings, background checks, employee dishonesty-loss prevention and workers composition.

Looking for security systems and/or cameras? We sell and install a variety of different types and styles of security equipment. Want security for your business or home but not sure what kind of security you need? We will help you decide what type of security is right for you. Whether it's electronic, video surveillance, or intrusion security; We will help you find the right equipment and install it professionally.

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We provide a smarter locking system for your home or business by using key less entry and access control locks. These locks are smart locks and use apps for your android and iPhone plus have a keypad to use as well. You can add users and place restrictions and permissions on them as well. Remote locking and unlocking, schedules, auto locking and notification features also come with these locking systems. 

Small Business & Residential IT

Nest Protect/Smoke &           Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Need a computer or network set up? What about a website? We will help you find the right computer, set up your network, help you with trouble shooting, or backing up your system. Let us design a website and get it published with a domain for you. Get a business email. We do ethernet installation and routing too.

Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms think, speak, and alerts you when there is a problem. These alarms have some of the best technology. They look for both fast and slow burning fires, it comes with a free app, you get alerts on your phone, it tells you what and where, sees the CO you cant, gives you light in the dark, self tests itself, and has a 10 year life span. Click on the smoke and CO alarm button to find out more.

We do monthly inspections, battery replacement, and repair emergency and exit lighting fixtures. Need emergency and/or exit lighting installed? We will help you get it installed.

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