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Private Investigations
Security Systems/Cameras
Locksmith Services  IT/Access Control

KAG3 Solutions provides multiple services to residential clients and to businesses.  We provide investigative services relating to domestic/infidelity/child custody cases, personal property theft, missing persons, criminal/civil defense investigations, background/pre-employment checks, workers comp/insurance fraud, and loss prevention/employee dishonesty. We sale, install, and service security/camera systems. KAG3 Solutions can help find the security you need and the security that is right for you or your business with its security consultation. Locksmith services are also provided with us using the most advanced and up to date technology and using a variety of locking systems that are available today. We provide a variety of access control systems to secure facilities and businesses. If you own a business and need a computer network set up, we can help. KAG3 Solutions provides IT services for residential and businesses installing servers, networks, access points and wireless point to point devices.  We can also help you design a web site for your business and help maintain it for you.

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