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Be Careful who you trust.

I recently just finished up a investigation with a client that advised me all her electronic devices had been hacked and she had been locked out of some of them. During my interview with client she said that she suspected it was someone in her family that she allowed access to her house and that they had a key to her residence. This family member and her had a disagreement and my client ended up having to change the locks of her house because she no longer trusted this person. Afterwards is when her devices started to mess up. My client then decided to allow me to investigate this and while fetching her checkbook she determined it was missing and possibly got stolen. My client stated that she always leaves her checkbook in one spot and never moves it. Later my client advised me that her passwords and her deed to her property was missing as well. The disagreement between her and her family member was over property so go figure. During my investigation I concluded that my client had indeed been hacked and that her online accounts, email, and all devices had been compromised and accessed. My investigation concluded that the hack had both been done inside her residence and remotely from a off site location, indicating that someone had been in her residence and setup her network to be accessed remotely and then actually did remotely access her network multiple times in a two week period. Although the evidence was there to prove there was a hack, there was not enough evidence to prove that the family member was the one that did this, although client without a doubt believed that it was. Client bought cameras after this and now feels paranoid that someone will try and access her home and has hopes to obtain evidence if her family member or suspect will try to access her home again without permission.

Always take measures immediately to protect your assets or well being when persons of trust become a unreliable. People who know the most about you are the ones that can hurt you the most when a unexpected bad disagreement arises. Emotions of hate, envy, and jealousy can cloud someones good judgment or at times make them temporary mentally unstable. This sometimes provokes people into plotting acts of revenge or payback on someone, even if it means breaking the law or doing harm. #BeCarefulWhoYouTrust. #FamilyIsNotAlwaysFamily

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